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The highest quality coffee

100% Arabica ground coffee obtained from - Brazil, Colombia and South American regions.
This coffee combines the richness of Latin American coffee varieties with softness and sweetness of notes.
Overall, Latin American coffees offer a diverse and enjoyable experience that is often suitable for a wide audience. This is one of the reasons why Latin American coffee is so popular and loved all over the world.

Refined taste

The taste of Latin American coffee is smooth, velvety and rich, offering a gentle balance of bitterness and acidity. It has a natural sweetness of chocolate, nuts, and often complements with fruity and floral notes.

Experience and convenience

Enjoy a whole new experience with our WayCoffee ground coffee bags. Each bag contains 10 grams of the most delicious coffee. These individually packed bags are extremely convenient and especially suitable for both travel and outdoor recreation, allowing you to enjoy fresh and delicious coffee anywhere.

Nature friendly

Coffee bags are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Once on the ground, they dissolve completely within 3 months.

Recommended by

WayCoffee Alpīnisti Kristaps Liepiņš un Kristine Liepiņa


Kristaps & Kristīne

"Several years ago, somewhere in New Zealand or Chile, I don't even remember anymore, we found coffee that was packed in bags, similar to tea. Wow! Good! We took it with us up in the mountains. But now - it's also available in Latvia - WayCoffee! Besides right here, packed on the spot. Coffee bags - environmentally friendly. Being the first coffee of this kind in the Baltics. We tried it - intense Arabica taste. Not sour, but with the taste of roasted nuts, cocoa beans. It's worth a try!"

WayCoffee ceļotājs Kārlis Zemke Onetribe ex Postnos īpašnieks

Founder of OneTribe ex. PostNos

Kārlis Zemke

"Definitely exceeded all my expectations! I have found my love and I can stop the eternal search for a tasty and practical coffee to take with me on adventures. I can say this not only as an everyday coffee drinker, but also as a former barista. Forget about sloppy tank coffee or fortune telling with teeth in coffee grounds."

  • WayCoffee kafijas maisiņš tīrā krūzē pa labi

    New coffee experience

    Make coffee by pouring hot water over the coffee bag

  • WayCoffee kafijas maisiņš tīrā krūzē pa kreisi

    The most delicious coffee

    Based on the reviews of more than 1000 people

  • WayCoffee malta kafija trijās karotēs

    10 grams of coffee

    Equivalent to 3 full teaspoons - for exceptional strength

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