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The highest quality coffees from 34 different countries. If you want to enjoy not only the excellent taste of coffee, but also to create a unique and personal packaging design - contact us!

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  • WayCoffee Latīņamerika

    Latin America

    A coffee region renowned for its mild taste and velvety texture. Notes of nuts, chocolate and citrus fruits.
  • WayCoffee kolumbija


    The region is famous for its sweetness and acidity. Produces a high quality, balanced taste with notes of nuts, chocolate and fruit.
  • WayCoffee arabika


    With a unique taste that can range from sweet to sour, Arabica coffee is one of the most produced coffees in the world.
  • WayCoffee centrālamerika

    Central America

    Known for its strong taste and low acidity. Strong and sweet flavors with a smooth texture.
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  • WayCoffee malta kafija

    ground coffee

  • WayCoffee kafijas pupiņas

    Coffee beans

  • WayCoffee kafiju maisiņu paraugs

    Coffee bags

  • WayCoffee kafijas kapsulas


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  • WayCoffee kafijas maisiņa folijs


  • WayCoffee vakuuma iepakojums

    In a vacuum

  • WayCoffee melns iepakojums


  • WayCoffee eco iepakojums


  • WayCoffee alumīnija iepakojums


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  • WayCoffee dizains maltai kafijai
  • WayCoffee dizains kafijai
  • WayCoffee dizains kafijas maisiņiem
  • WayCoffee dizains kapsulam
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